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Key performance indicators (KPIs) are determined in alignment with the strategic objectives contained in PGE Group’s Strategy to 2030 with an Outlook to 2050. They are then translated into specific measures implemented by the Group.

The Group’s strategic priorities translates into:

  • generation of environmentally friendly energy
  • provision of modern energy services
  • efficient and effective functioning of the Group

This way, a direct link is made between strategic objectives and the bonus system.

We present the key activities implemented and indicators related to the implementation of the Strategy in 2022 against the background of the strategic objectives:

Strategy Implementation - Key actions in 2022

Leader of sustainable energy transition

Environmentally friendly energy

Evolution of the generating portfolio towards renewable units and the lack of investment in new mining and coal production

Share of zero- and low-emission sources in heat production
  • New EC Czechnica –construction of a gas-steam unit
  • EC Gdynia, EC Gorzów, EC Lublin, EC Zgierz, EC Rzeszów – construction of reserve and peak load boilers
  • EC Gdańsk, EC Wrocław – preparation for the construction of new low emission sources
  • EC Kraków – development of complete design documentation for a high-pressure gas connection
>70% till 2030
PV programme
  • Capacities built in 2022: 19 MW, in progres: 154 MW
  • Capacity in construction permits: approx. 250 M
  • Land secured: approx. 3500 ha
>3.0 GW in 2030
Offshore in the Baltic Sea
  • Selection of suppliers approved: Marine Transformer Stations (MSTs) for Baltica 3 offshore wind farm; turbines for Baltica 2 and 3; offshore export cables, foundations for turbines and for MSTs
  • Contract signed for a construction design, including obtaining building permits for Baltica 2&3
  • The European Commission’s Decision to grant support for the Baltica 2 and Baltica 3 projects and receipt of the second decision of the URE President setting the Price of Support under the Contract for Difference (CfD)
  • Submitted applications for Permit to Erect Artificial Islands in water bodies. Sucessful applications (notfinal decisions) for 3.9 GW
2.5 GW in 2030
>6.5 GW in 2040
Onshore : new power
  • Acquisition of wind farms with a total capacity of 84 MW and average annual generation at the level of 240 MWh thousand
>1.0 GW in 2030

Modern energy services

Maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction on the energy market

New energy storage facilities in Poland
  • Announcement of tender for a battery electricity storage facility in Żarnowiec with a capacity of over 200 MW
  • Commissioning of large-scale battery electricity storage projects with a total capacity of 750 MW
  • Commissioning of a distributed storage project across 50 locations with a total capacity of approx. 270 MW
  • Development of energy storage projects as part of hybrid RES systems with a capacity of approx. 79 MW and storage projects for distribution grids with a total capacity of approx. 6 MW
  • Feasibility study for the construction of Młoty pumped-storage power plant
0.8 GW till 2030
RES installations for customers
  • Sales of PV installations up to 50kWp with a total volume of 6.6 MWp, number of contracts 590
  • Implementation of PPA sales model
  • „Naturally, its Energy” (RES Energy product offer (approx. 2.8 TWh in 2022)
0.8 GW till 2030
Increase of profitability of energy services
  • Connections of new customers to district heating network (+218MWt)
+ PLN 0.4 bn
Shorter interruptions in energy supply
  • Addition of equipment necessary to support the PPN work process
  • Patent protection obtained for inventions for power supply and reducing the impact of accidents
-8% cities
-50% Other
Till 2025
Highest customer satisfaction score on the market maintained
  • Maintained our leading position in the G customer service proces (Customer Service Office)
  • Remained in second place in retail customer satisfaction index y/y (G tariff) with a CSI of 88%
CSI ~85 pkt

Efficient and effective organisation

Effective cooperation of qualified staff and integrated ICT systems will allow to improve productivity and cost effectiveness

Savings in property maintenance costs
  • Transition to gas fuel in district heating
  • Use of drones and robots for inspection works at wind farms and hydropower plants
5% till 2025
Unified organisational structure and management system
  • Update of internal business procedures and processes to more efficiency implement Strategy, including operating model and investment policy
  • Selection of key performance indicators (KPIs) based on PGE Group’s strategy – direct link between strategic objectives and bonus system
  • Systemising and streamlining coal-based generating assets for the purposes of the carve-out process
Share of aid funds in the financial needs of the PGE Group until 2030
  • Approx. PLN 220m in financing raised, including PLN 76m in grants
25% till 2030
Ability to remotely service clients
  • Expansion of electronic contact and sales channels
  • Nearly 1.4 million clients using electronic invoices
100% till 2030

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