Leading in the green transition

We invest in Poland's future by ensuring that electricity is clean, cheap and affordable. In a changing environment, energy security remains our priority. We support our clients in transition.

Key issues

Offshore wind farms will change the image of the Polish energy sector, enabling the sourcing of cheap, clean energy and giving an impulse to build a new industry in the national economy.

The ongoing Baltica 2+3 project with a capacity of approximately 2.5 GW is the largest investment implemented in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea and one of the largest of this type in the world.

2.5 GW
Capacity of
PGE wind farms
in 2030

Thanks to the appearance of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa in the Group’s structure, we have strengthened our position as the largest producer and distributor of electricity in Poland.

The acquisition of PKP Energetyka increases the safety of the Polish railway infrastructure and supports the Polish economy.

12 %
Increased distribution
volume as a result
of the acquisition
PLN 4.3 bn
Estimated increase
of the Group’s revenues as
a result of the acquisition

The carve-out of coal assets to the National Energy Security Agency (NABE) is an important part of the transformation program of the Polish energy sector. At the same time, it will cause a significant change in the business model of PGE itself, which will evolve along with the Group’s subsequent investments.

Thanks to the carve-out, the Group’s profile will also change and it will be less exposed to the risk of CO2 emission allowance prices and the risk of volatility on the wholesale electricity market.

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Our customers need clean, green and affordable energy. Creating a well-considered development path for our company towards achieving net zero as soon as possible is the practical implementation of the sustainable development goals and an expression of concern for society and the climate.

PGE’s focus on investments will be possible thanks to the National Energy Security Agency taking over the role of entity ensuring the current security of energy production in Poland, which will acquire the coal assets of energy companies.

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Wojciech Dąbrowski
PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A

Key data 2022

TWh Distribution of electricity
Sales of energy to final off-takers
Sales of heat
1 269
RES capacities
298 670
Length of distribution lines
7 766
Installed thermal capacities
net electricity production of renewable assets
73 435
PLN million
Sales revenues
7 052
PLN million
Capital expenditures
3 200
PLN million
Proceeds from the issue of shares
Rating (Moody’s)
8 657
PLN million
4 299
PLN million
3 390
PLN million
Net profit

Growth impulse

We provide stable employment to more than 40 thousand people across around 200 locations throughout the country. Most of our personnel are residents of towns in the vicinity of our assets.

Taxes that we pay to the municipalities in which we do business often account for a significant part of their local budgets, but also of the state budget.

Today, our activity supports the activities of thousands of companies. With the implementation of investments and the development of new branches of the Polish energy industry, such as offshore wind farms or nuclear energy, our positive impact on the national economy will be even greater.

PLN 7.6 bn
PGE Group’s tax contribution
in 2022
PLN 10 bn
The Group will transfer
in 2023 to the operation of
the Solidarity Shield


ESG Ratings

We will consistently improve the Group’s position in ESG ratings, taking into account their importance for our business partners, investors and customers.

A significant improvement over the 2020 and 2021 ratings.

Significant improvement over 2020 and early 2023 ratings.

Significant improvement of the result year on year basis.

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