Community involvement

GRI indicators

As the largest producer and supplier of energy and district heat, PGE Group also performs an extremely important economic function as the guarantor of the country's and individual regions' energy security.

It is also one of the largest and most stable employers, employing over 38,000 people. The size and nature of PGE Group indicate that its activities have a major impact on the environment, including society, and thus determine the most important directions for socially responsible activities.

PGE Group has been actively involved in the implementation of all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for years, and in its strategy it has identified four of them that it supports in particular. These are:

  • Goal 7. Affordable and clean energy
  • Goal 11. Sustainable cities and communities
  • Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 13. Climate action

Taking into account Goal 11 and cooperation with local communities, its scope is defined in the General Procedure for the Management of Community Involvement Activities (CCI) at PGE Group and in the General Procedure for Planning and Implementing Donations at PGE Group. The Group’s approach to building relations with stakeholders is also defined in PGE Group’s strategy and PGE Group’s Code of Ethics.

  • 415-1

PGE Group
Total financial and in-kind donations to political parties, politicians and institutions of a similar nature 

PGE Group in 2022, as a leader in sustainable development and ESG, was awarded the Golden CSR Leaf of Polityka in the 11th edition of the list. The organisers recognised PGE’s preparation and adaptation to regulatory requirements related to ESG management.

Action to help victims of Russia's aggression against Ukraine

Since the first day of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, PGE Group has carried out activities to help refugees, supported organisations and institutions giving them shelter and is helping to complete humanitarian transports sent to Ukrainian cities. PGE has also supported the Ukrainian energy sector and sent aid to Ukrainian soldiers in areas of major hostilities.

PGE, through the PGE Foundation, donated over PLN 1.5 million in financial donations.

The donations were made to Caritas branches across Poland. The funds were earmarked for, among other things, emergency aid, securing accommodation needs, medical assistance and psychological support for children.

Support was also given to associations and organisations that organise and send humanitarian transports deep into fighting Ukraine. Thanks to this aid, more than 50 tonnes of bandages, medicines, food and other essential items have been sent to the cities affected by the hostilities.

The PGE Foundation also donated more than 1,500 therapeutic teddy bears to children from Ukrainian families crossing the border into Poland and to children from Ukrainian orphanages staying in centres on Polish territory.

The toys were sent to refugee centres run by Caritas, municipalities and city councils, as well as to municipal family assistance centres to help refugees find a peaceful home in Poland.

million PLN
The donations were made to Caritas branches across Poland
The PGE Foundation also donated therapeutic teddy bears to children from Ukrainian families

At the special request of the municipality of Ustrzyki Dolne, PGE built a temporary low-voltage line to supply electricity to the tents at the Krościenko border crossing, which house medical assistance, meals and rest rooms for refugees.

PGE also channelled support to the Ukrainian energy sector, which still faces the problem of maintaining continuity of energy production and supply in the areas most affected by the hostilities. PGE donated to its eastern neighbour, the materials necessary to restore damaged infrastructure and maintain continuity of energy supply. The equipment was donated to Ukrainian power engineers through the Government Strategic Reserve Agency.

PGE supported the purchase of three fully-equipped inflatable tents to expand the accommodation for refugees from eastern Ukraine arriving in Lviv and Truskavets, close to the Polish border. The tents are fully equipped with high quality equipment, including generators, lighting, air conditioning and heaters. The purchase and transport of the tents to Lviv and Truskavets was organised by the Przemyśl branch of the Polish Association Against Disability, which has been carrying out humanitarian transports across our eastern border since the beginning of the Russian aggression. The equipment was ordered and purchased in cooperation with the State Fire Service in Przemyśl to best meet the needs of the refugees.

PGE provided accommodation at its „Energetyk” Training and Recreation Centre in Nałęczów, where 120 family members of Ukrainian energy workers fleeing Russian aggression in Ukraine found shelter. They were provided with food, care as well as hygiene products and all necessary supplies. A dozen or so, after receiving assistance, set off to continue their journey to their loved ones. PGE employees were also involved in the ongoing assistance to the families living in the centre by donating the most necessary items, including clothing, hygiene products, nappies and baby food.

PGE employees have been involved in the campaign to help refugees since the first day of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. They collected and donated over 6 tonnes of the most necessary items, including food, hygiene products, medicines and blankets, to nearly 100 refugee centres and several hundred Ukrainian families living in private accommodation. The parcels handed over to centres housing children from orphanages also included clothing, toys and educational games, as well as several hundred complete school kits for children starting school in Polish schools.

More than 500 PGE volunteers were involved in helping refugees. From the first day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, up to 50 PGE volunteers a day worked in the border areas to help receive refugees in Poland and deploy them in homes and centres.

PGE also encouraged Group employees to visit Regional Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Centres and Blood Collection Points to donate blood for those in need in Ukraine.

Social campaign "Polish - I'm buying it!"

In 2022, PGE continued to carry out activities promoting consumer patriotism, responsible consumer attitudes and encouraging people to buy Polish products in the social campaign „Polish – I’m buying it!”.

As part of the campaign, a dedicated website is being run with a guide section, educational spots and articles describing Polish products. The project was initiated by PGE Group employees in 2020 and is under the patronage of the Ministry of State Assets.

PGE also continued its cooperation with the Jagiellonian Club, publisher of the Pola application, which supports consumers in identifying Polish products in both stationary and online shops. PGE’s support allowed for the release of an update to the Pola 2.0 version of the application and the addition of new functionalities. In the new version of the Pola 2.0 application, users will find, among other things, a text search engine. In addition, the Pola app’s website has a news section, where events relating to the Pola app and economic patriotism are presented on an ongoing basis.

News in the new Pola 2.0 will also be visible from within the app. Also new is the ability to add or update information about a selected company, as well as a newsletter sign-up form that will be sent out once a month. Pola 2.0 also includes an offer for entrepreneurs wishing to join the project, including educational activities for young people, an audit of the polish of the products ordered by the company or monitoring of the company’s product scanning statistics. The most important initiative for companies, however, is the Club of Friends of the Pola application, which brings together small and medium-sized companies from various industries for whom the idea of economic patriotism is important.

An online debate organised by the Jagiellonian Club in partnership with PGE took place on August 25, 2022, where the results of a report entitled 'Polish non-food products’ containing a ranking of the most scanned products in the app were discussed.

Public awareness campaign "Heat counts"

PGE Energia Ciepła encourages residents to save heat during the autumn and winter period. In 2022, such activities have taken on particular importance. PGE Energia Ciepła and KOGENERACJA Wrocław Group of Combined Heat and Power Plants, which belongs to PGE Energia Ciepła, took over the patronage of the nationwide social campaign „Heat counts”, encouraging rational heat consumption in households.

The campaign started in December 2022 and promotes pro-saving attitudes among Poles, and is organised by the Polish Association of Combined Heat and Power Plants.

The „Heat Counts” public awareness campaign is aimed at consumers of district heating throughout Poland, as well as people who use individual heat sources in single-family homes on a daily basis.

It aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of saving heat. It is also in response to a consumer survey carried out in autumn 2022 by ARC Rynek i Opinia Sp. z o.o. on behalf of the Polish Association of Professional Heating Plants (PTEZ). Respondents were asked about their daily habits regarding heating their place of residence.

The survey provided insight into the level of awareness of heat consumers and their ways of saving heat. Today, it is known that Poles feel uninformed and are looking for advice on how to save heat. The project’s website,, allows users to find out how to use district heat effectively and make savings by applying simple solutions in their everyday lives.

The company has also prepared and implemented the information campaign „Save heat and care for the environment”. The campaign, in the form of 7 short, animated films, is available at

Let's share the heat

PGE Energia Ciepła has been implementing the „We share heat” program for years.

It is addressed to the most needy consumers, supporting them in the payment of their heating and hot water bills, including public benefit organisations using district heating in cities where PGE Energia Ciepła has its CHPs.

Thanks to the „Share the heat” program in all locations, PGE Energia Ciepła has donated a total of PLN 2 million over the five years of the company’s existence to pay for heating bills, and almost half a million zloty in 2022 alone. Among others, hospices, hospitals and nursing homes have benefited from these subsidies, all so that they can fulfil their missions even better.

Energetic Backpack

First graders from regions where PGE GiEK operates received 265 school bags with school equipment. Within the framework of the „Energetic Backpack” initiative, school starter kits were distributed to the most in need first graders in the Opolskie, Dolnośląskie, Łódzkie, Zachodniopomorskie and Śląskie Voivodships, where PGE GiEK branches operate – Elektrownia Opole, Turów, Bełchatów, Dolna Odra and Rybnik, as well as Bełchatów and Turów mines.

For many years, PGE GiEK has been involved in activities for the benefit of the local communities in the vicinity of which it operates. This year, our company has funded as many as 265 "energy schoolbags" at all locations of our mines and power plants. Since 2016, the company has donated almost 2,000 schoolbags to first graders.  

Nurturing the national identity

For years, PGE Group has been involved in initiatives to perpetuate and cultivate historical awareness among future generations. One of the key patriotic and historical projects is to activate children, young people, adults and seniors to jointly celebrate Independence Day and Flag Day.

On this occasion, PGE also draws attention to economic and energy independence, so important in our times. A video prepared on the occasion of November 11, 2022 entitled „Independence is also energy” shows how important it is to remember the past and care for a secure future.

Patriotic and historical projects are also carried out by PGE through, inter alia, competitions, sports projects and information campaigns, as well as by supporting cultural institutions in the implementation of their core tasks. PGE also participates in the celebration of the most important holidays and commemorations of historical events and encourages local communities, school children and youth and its employees to do the same.

On the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, PGE once again organised celebrations under the slogan „Energy Professionals in the Warsaw Uprising – we remember the heroes” in tribute to the heroes from the Powiśle Power Plant. Runners from the PGE Energetic Running team also paid tribute to the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising by taking part in the 31st edition of the Warsaw Uprising Run. They had two routes of 5 km or 10 km to run.

PGE, together with the PGE Foundation, has become a partner of the album 'Defenders of the Capital. Energy Professionals in the Warsaw Uprising”, which has hit the bookstores. The album will contribute to a greater knowledge of the history of the Energy Professionals fighting in insurgent Warsaw. The recollections of the employees of the Warsaw power plant who faced down the Nazi occupiers in 1944 were also recounted in a reportage published on TVP 2.

With the support of PGE, the exhibition 'An unusual Polish family. The fate of Gertruda Nowak – a child from the camp on Przemyslowa Street”, which commemorated the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the German Nazi camp for Polish children in Łódź.

The exhibition refers to the publication published by the Museum of Polish Children – Victims of Totalitarianism entitled „An Unusual Polish Family” and presents the only such well-preserved collection of photographs telling the story of Gertruda Nowak, as well as the other children imprisoned in the German camp on Przemyslowa Street.

The photographs depicted here show the fate of many other Polish families for whom the Second World War was a period of suffering, separation and death.

Employee volunteering

PGE’s volunteer projects in 2022, however, focused primarily on environmental themes. In the Kampinos National Park, volunteers carried out cleaning and renovation work, planted trees, cleaned up the area of the Didactic and Museum Centre in Granica and renovated the tourist infrastructure in the Third Millennium Avenue in the Kampinos National Park.

More than 20 volunteers worked in the Roztocze National Park. Their task included clearing hard-to-reach areas of the reserve of invasive plants. PGE volunteers also took part in field work as part of a scientific research project to check the numbers and species of owls living in Roztocze. In autumn, PGE Volunteers carried out the annual clean-up of the Bieszczady Sea, i.e. the shores of Lake Solina. Nearly 100 people took part in the project.

Employees of PGE Group companies are also involved in volunteering competencies by sharing their knowledge and skills with school children, helping them with their homework and activating them to participate in sports. They also organise pre-Christmas campaigns, making dreams come true for children from orphanages, children in foster care and children from day care centres.

On an ongoing basis, they support care and hospital facilities in their areas of operation and take part in the Noble Box campaign in large numbers. PGE volunteers organise collections of material gifts and prepare parcels for families in need.

In the summer of 2022, a group of PGE Volunteers supported the organisers of the „Wawel is Yours” festival in Krakow for 4 days with their work.

  • PGE Baltica employees for the benefit of the orphanage in Ustka,
  • Employees of PGE Mining and Conventional Energy are working at all their locations as part of the „Santa Clauses for Dreamers” campaign.
  • Throughout the year, the employees of PGE Dystrybucja carried out the „For a Child’s Smile” project, in which both the company and its employees provided financial and material support to children from orphanages, hospices and other care institutions. On the occasion of Christmas and Easter as well as Children’s Day, collections of sweets, toys, cosmetics and other items needed by the wards were carried out. In addition, on the occasion of Children’s Day, animation picnics were organised in each of the company’s branches, thus providing additional attractions for children. Employees of the Łódź branch of PGE Dystrybucja and the charges of the Occupational Therapy Workshop in the company’s Skarżysko branch handmade Easter and Christmas decorations, and the funds raised from their sale were donated to the needs of the wards of local institutions (including those making the decorations). On the other hand, a charity auction was held before Christmas, during which employees bid on Christmas ornaments, also made by employees. A total of 52 items were auctioned for PLN 3,080. The money obtained from the auction was donated – according to the purchaser’s choice – to one of the seven childcare facilities.
  • Employees of PGE Energia Ciepła Branch No. 1 in Kraków took part in the „Noble Box”), while PGE volunteers from the PGE Energia Ciepła Wybrzeże Branch were involved in the preparation of parcels for children from families in Gdańsk under the care of the City Centre for Family Support. In Wrocław, Christmas support was provided to charges of the Youth Sociotherapy Centre No. 2, which KOGENERACJA has been supporting for years. Employees of the Combined Heat and Power Plant in Lublin Wrotków joined in the preparation of the Christmas campaign for the pupils of the orphanage in Krasnystaw and a Ukrainian family with great commitment. Thanks to their involvement, the Centre received household appliances. The children received board games and the family in difficulty received groceries, among other things.
  • PGE Energia Odnawialna has been cooperating with the Care and Education Centre in Sochaczew for many years. On the Company’s initiative, in 2022 its pupils had the opportunity to support the PGE Skra Bełchatów volleyball team during a volleyball match and go to a performance in one of Warsaw’s theatres. Traditionally, PGE Energia Odnawialna employees also organised a Santa Claus event for the children. Christmas presents were also given to disabled children under the care of the Bieszczady Flame of Hope Association from Ustrzyki Dolne. Last year, this association was the beneficiary of the 6th PGE Energia Odnawialna Charity Cross, a cyclical holiday event organised by the Company on Energetyk Island in the Bieszczady Mountains. Amateurs of sporting thrills have the opportunity to take part in a cross-country race, during which emotions are released not only by the competition itself, but also by the magnificent views of the Bieszczady Mountains. Each year, proceeds from the event are donated to a good cause – mainly to help the disabled. The medals for the 6th PGE Energia Odnawialna Charity Cross were produced by the PGE Ekoserwis Company using by-products of combustion. The runners emphasised their originality. The organiser of the run managed to collect more than PLN 30,000 to help disabled children from the Bieszczady „Flame of Hope” Association in Ustrzyki Dolne.
  • A Christmas campaign entitled 'Become Santa’ was carried out at PGE Systems. To this end, letters to Father Christmas were collected from the wards of two orphanages and, after publishing them on the intranet, employees selected the letters, bought and wrapped presents. The presents were handed over to the facilities in Starachowice.

Employees of PGE Group companies support on an on-going basis educational and hospital care facilities in their areas of operations and take part in the „Noble Box” campaign. The organise donation and gift collection drives and prepare gift boxes for families in need.

Blood donation

„Blood not water – don’t be indifferent!” is the slogan uniting all blood donation campaigns in PGE Group.

Throughout the year, PGE Group’s power engineers donate blood both during cyclical campaigns, on festive occasions and in response to requests for help for specific individuals. More than 400 employees of PGE Group are affiliated with seven clubs of voluntary blood donors that operate at PGE Group companies and their branches: two clubs in Bełchatów at the KWBB and ELB branches and one club each in Opole, Gryfino, Bogatynia, Kraków and Wrocław. Blood donors have been supporting the idea of blood donation for years and regularly organise collections to which they invite local communities.

In 2022, 889 PGE Group employees donated a total of over 435 litres of blood. One unit of blood (450 ml) can save the lives of up to three people.

Even children know how to save heat - with Cat Ciepłosław

PGE Energia Ciepła is also carrying out an educational program called „Adventures of Cat Ciepłosław”, aimed at the youngest recipients. It aims to build environmental awareness among the youngest.

The friendly Ciepłosław Cat explains to children how heat is generated in the process of high-efficiency cogeneration and how it reaches the household radiator.

He gives advice on what to do to save heat and thus keep the air clean. Specially prepared lessons, games and activities can be implemented in primary schools as part of the core curriculum for grades I – III.

Through the adventures of Ciepłosław Cat, KOGENERACJA familiarised children with energy saving. Pupils from Primary School No. 9 visited the Wrocław CHP in April. They owed this educational visit to their winning a competition under the patronage of Ciepłosław. His adventures also served as inspiration for competitions and games for children during the Family Picnic organised by the estate council on Kępa Mieszczańska in Wrocław.

Kindergarten pupils in Gdansk also had the opportunity to learn about the adventures of the friendly Ciepłosław Cat. In short films, the guide and expert on heat – Ciepłosław Cat – and his assistants Pstryczek Elektryczek and Felek Kaloryferek presented the most difficult issues concerning heat in a simple and practical manner. Cat Ciepłosław also talked about saving heat to children from Bydgoszcz, Kosakowo near Gdynia and Toruń. All of Cat Ciepłosław’s lessons are available at .

On safety among the youngest

For years, PGE Dystrybucja has been carrying out educational activities among children and young people on the safe use of electrical appliances and – particularly important today – energy efficiency. After a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, from April 2022 PGE employees resumed meetings with children on the topic of safety when using electrical appliances and correct behaviour in the vicinity of electrical facilities.

The classes were held in two formulas: in one, the power engineers visited children in the facilities; in the other, the youngest children came to the headquarters of the branches or power districts and there learnt about the behind-the-scenes work of power engineers and safety rules. „Energy lessons” were divided into 3 thematic blocks, answering the questions: where does electricity come from, how to behave safely near electrical/energy equipment and how to save electricity.

For all age groups – older pre-school groups, grades 1-3 and grades 4-8 of primary schools – the thematic scope of the meetings was the same, but the ways of imparting knowledge were adapted to the perceptive capabilities of the listeners.

Particularly attractive for the younger groups was trying on parts of an electrician’s uniform and learning about the nooks and crannies of Electricity Rescue Service vehicles. Last year, during 27 lessons, the power engineers met 1,250 pupils in younger primary school classes and nursery school children. For the 2022/2023 school year, the schedule of educational meetings in each division is completely full.

Educational activities at the Subcarpathian Energy Museum

„Electromagnetic Stories”, a series of classes not only for the youngest, is learning through play, as well as a chance to get to know unique memorabilia showing the history of the regional power industry. In 2022, PGE Obrót organised 14 free educational classes at the Podkarpackie Power Engineering Museum in Rzeszów. The meetings were attended by groups of pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school students, among others.

Energy olympics

The Third Energy Olympics for the Cup of the President of Gdynia was held in Gdynia in 2022, co-organised by PGE Energia Ciepła. The exciting competition, in which 36 teams took part, took place on November 28, 2022 at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

This year’s edition of the Olympics drew attention to the important issue of energy conservation today. During the meeting, there was an interesting demonstration of the operation of a thermal imaging camera, which can play a key role in reducing the heating costs of a building. At the end, all participants received a commemorative photo taken with the thermal imaging camera.

Knowledge Picnic to mark the 200th anniversary of Ignacy Łukasiewicz's birth

PGE Obrót took part in the Knowledge Picnic organised by the Rzeszów Voivodship Office in 2022. The Picnic, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Ignacy Łukasiewicz’s birth, was aimed at disseminating knowledge about Łukasiewicz’s achievements as a patriot, scientist, outstanding pharmacist, innovator – the founder of the world’s first oil mine, inventor of the paraffin lamp, pioneer of the oil industry in Europe, social activist involved in the reconstruction of an independent, modern Republic, its economy and science.

The PGE educational stand presented rotational motion in nature as one of the most important phenomena, without which the Universe could not function. Several experiments related to classical mechanics, optics and electromagnetism, among others, were also presented. Participants were able to see, among other things, how rotating solids are created and how the apparent inertial force known as centrifugal force works. In total, the Picnic was attended by several hundred people, most of them families with children.

The event was realised as part of the Podkarpackie Governor's project entitled "In the Service of the Independent", subsidised by the Multiannual Government Program "Sovereign" for 2017-2022. 

Night of the Museums

PGE Obrót has joined the European Night of Museums for the seventh time in 2022. This is an educational and cultural event that involves making museums, galleries and cultural institutions accessible at night.

In addition to traditional sightseeing, there were special attractions such as concerts, workshops, artistic activities, screenings or games. The company supported the scientific and cultural adventure in 7 museums operating in its area of operation: Museum of Podkarpackie Energy, Museum in Przeworsk Palace and Park Complex, Museum of Glass Heritage in Krosno, Museum of Sibir Memorial in Białystok, Museum of Kurpie Culture in Ostrołęka, Jan Pazdura Museum of Nature and Technology „Ekomuzeum” in Starachowice and Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź.

Safe holidays with PGE Energia Odnawialna

PGE Energia Odnawialna carried out an educational project in response to alarming statistics on the significant number of drownings among minors. The Bieszczady Water Rescue Service was a content partner of the action.

During the 2022 summer holidays, in a dedicated area by the lake in Polańczyk, lifeguards trained children and young people in safe and responsible behaviour by the water. Instruction included the most important principles of first aid, the use of basic rescue equipment and the safe use of swimming equipment.

There was also no shortage of additional attractions. A volleyball court, comfortable deckchairs and games equipment were prepared in a special area. People resting on Lake Solina could also take part in canoeing competitions, while every Friday they could go to a film screening as part of an open-air cinema. The „Safe Holidays with PGE Energia Odnawialna” campaign, which lasted from the beginning of July to the end of August, was attended by 1,000 people.

PGE Foundation

Socially responsible activities are also carried out by the PGE Foundation, which is an important element of PGE Group’s corporate social responsibility. The foundation’s activity profile results from PGE Group’s strategy, communication and marketing and brand strategy. The Foundation supports historical, educational, environmental and social activities. It pursues its mission through its own and partner projects.

It also makes charitable donations, projects in the field of cultivating historical memory and national identity, projects in the field of education, upbringing and sport.  It supports health protection and promotion projects, projects related to environmental protection and ecology and many other.

In 2022, the PGE Foundation, received more than 1,200 requests for donations. The Foundation made more than 600 donations totalling more than PLN 15 million.

The Foundation carried out more than 20 projects of a patriotic and historical, educational and social nature in 2022.

More than 250,000 participants took part in the projects carried out by the PGE Foundation (competitions, events, exhibitions, lessons, etc.).

projects the Foundation has carried out in 2022

In 2022, the PGE Foundation continued its cooperation with the Virtual Museum of the Polish Underground State, which is an original project of the Foundation for Great Histories.

The Foundation supports the construction of a unique museum commemorating the Polish Underground State, which is being created in virtual space. As part of the cooperation, the construction of the website and the process of digitalisation of materials continued in 2022. A vernissage of the works of the winners of the 'Baczyński without a Filter’ competition was also held and an album of their works was prepared for publication.

In addition, a project entitled 'Voices of the Home Army’ was realised, involving the development of animations for the voices of Home Army leaders: general general Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski general Michał Tokarzewski-Karazewicz general Stefan „Grot” Rowecki general Leopold Okulicki.

The PGE Foundation, in cooperation with the Institute of National Remembrance and under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, is carrying out a project entitled „Memory Plates.” The idea behind the project is to supplement and promote information on historical facts of occupied Warsaw among the inhabitants of Warsaw and Polish and foreign tourists.

Karol Tchorek’s plates are testimony to the memory of the consistent plan of the Germans to exterminate the inhabitants of Warsaw during World War II. Through its activities, PGE promotes and increases the recognition of memorial sites and reaches foreign tourists with historical information.

Within the framework of the project, next to each Karol Tchorek plate, PGE places a plate with information in Polish and English together with a QR code leading to a specially developed mobile application which enables the localisation of the existing plaques as well as learning about the history of each memorial site of German crimes. A website,, has also been created, where one can follow updates on the project. In the autumn of 2021, a concert entitled Warsaw – City of Heroes was held at Plac Piłsudskiego.

It was a tribute to all inhabitants of the capital, whose heroism and courage during the German occupation is often forgotten. The concert and accompanying exhibition were prepared by the Society for Educational Projects in collaboration with the PGE Foundation as part of the „Memory Plates” project. In 2022, 126 information plaques were installed at the Tchorka Tables, 104 Tchorka Tables were cleaned and conserved, and a total of 77 applications were submitted to the Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments requesting permission to install information plaques (43 applications) and clean Tchorka Tables (34 applications).

In 2022, the PGE Foundation organised and carried out an art competition entitled „Encounters with Art”, the aim of which was to promote knowledge of Polish painting and the development and shaping of artistic imagination, supporting creative activities and opportunities among children and young people.

The competition was aimed at pupils in the first to eighth grades of primary schools located in Polish towns with a population of less than 50,000. It enabled children and young people to present their artistic skills, express their artistic sensitivity and demonstrate their creative activity.

The task was to present their own interpretation of a selected painting by a Polish painter whose work can be seen in one of the following museums: the National Museum in Warsaw, the National Museum in Lublin or the National Museum in Krakow. The competition attracted 500 works, and the jury selected 90 winners. The winners received prizes in kind and, in addition, won trips for their entire class to one of the designated museums.

Nearly 40 excursions have been completed by the end of 2022. The remaining 50 will take place in the first quarter of 2023.

In cooperation with Milania, the producer of the film 'Underage Engineers’, an educational project was prepared based on the physics core curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

The project was widely consulted with physics teachers, educators and scientists. In the videos, two teachers, Ignacy Rejmak and Przemysław Rojewski, explain physical issues in a simple and accessible way. The materials are freely accessible and can be successfully used both for self-study of the subject by pupils in grades 7 and 8 in primary schools, secondary schools, technical schools and vocational schools, as well as by teachers during lessons in order to illustratively explain difficult issues.

In addition, a series of 100 filmed experiments has been prepared, which physics teachers use to visualise time-consuming experiments for students even if they do not have access to professional equipment.

All experiments and films for pupils were conducted and recorded in the physics laboratory of the Wejherowo technical school, which is equipped with the best equipment in Europe funded by PGE. The project helps to develop their interest in science and encourages them to choose engineering education courses, the graduates of which will in future be able to find employment in, among other things, the ever-growing energy industry.

The second edition of the project 'PGE BEACH - LEARN THE POWER OF THE BALTIC WIND', organised by the PGE Foundation, took place in 2022.

As part of the project, from 8 July to 16 August, special zones were located on the beaches in Ustka, Łeba and Sasin, where both residents and tourists staying at the Baltic Sea could broaden their knowledge of renewable energy sources and offshore wind farms.

Several thematic zones awaited visitors to the PGE Beaches, including an interactive education zone, a knowledge zone, an educational and workshop zone or a sports zone. Visitors could take part in workshops with the Forest Districts of Szczecin, Lębork and Choczew, during which they could burn in wood, identify animal tracks in the sand or build insect houses.

During water rescue demonstrations by WOPR from Słupsk and Gniewino, visitors could learn about first aid. Every weekend there were also meetings with athletes supported by PGE, including representatives of the National Team in windsurfing such as Zofia Klepacka, Maciej Rutkowski and Maja Dziarnowska.

In addition, every Sunday there were outdoor cinema screenings and acoustic concerts at sunset with musicians such as harpist Alicja Garczarek, saxophonist Aleksander Kamiński and violinist Natan Kosętka. The PGE Beach Zone was visited this year by more than 18.5 thousand residents and tourists spending their holidays at the Polish seaside.

The project was carried out as part of educational activities related to PGE Group’s construction of wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Sponsorship activities

Sponsorship activities in the area of culture, sport and industry events implemented in 2022 resulted from the sponsorship strategy adopted in 2021. The structured sponsorship policy separates the sponsorship programs under which individual projects were and will be implemented in 2022.

Sponsorship programs Projects/actions implemented under the programs
PGE – a cultural energy group 
  • Philharmonics,
  • National Museums
  • Local and regional cultural events
PGE Proud of History 
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum
  • Museum of Polish Children – victims of totalitarianism
  • Local historical events
MOCna Liga PGE 
  • PGE Narodowy
  • Sports clubs: PGE Skra Bełchatów, PGE Spójnia Stargard, PGE FKS Stal Mielec, Developres Rzeszów, PGE Turów Zgorzelec, Hutnik Kraków, Stal Stalowa Wola, Arka Chełm, Chełmianka Chełm
  • PGE Ekstraliga
MOC e-mocji 
  • PGE Polish Esport League
  • PGE Turów Zgorzelec (e-sport section)
Sport winter with PGE 
  • PGE Narodowy in winter
  • Polish Figure Skating Federation
  • Polish Speed Skating Federation
The power of wind and water 
  • Polish Sailing Association
  • Polish Kayak Association
  • Polish Swimming Federation
  • Zofia Klepacka
PGE Junior 
  • Sports academies (e.g. Widzew Academy Łódź, Judo Academy Poznań, Wilfredo Leon Academy), local sports event

Cultural sponsorship

PGE is a patron of Polish culture and this is an important element not only of its marketing activity but of the value system promoted in PGE Group. In 2022, PGE Group supported 16 philharmonics across Poland and is one of the most recognisable patrons of culture in the country.

In 2022, PGE began cooperation with the Lower Silesian Philharmonic as its Main Patron. It also continued its cooperation with all philharmonics sponsored to date.

PGE supports and has supported the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, carrying the honorary title of Patron of the Year since 2012 and, since 2016, has collaborated with the National Philharmonic on its original educational concert series Mornings and Afternoons for Little Music Lovers.

PGE continues its cooperation with the Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk, the Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Kraków, the National Forum of Music in Wrocław, Toruń Symphony Orchestra, the Tadeusz Baird Philharmonic in Zielona Góra, Podkarpackie Philharmonic named after A. Malawski in Rzeszów, Gorzów Philharmonic – Centre for Artistic Education in Kielce, and the Henryk Wieniawski Philharmonic in Lublin. Malawski in Rzeszów, Gorzów Philharmonic – Centre for Artistic Education, Świętokrzyska Philharmonic in Kielce, and the Henryk Wieniawski Philharmonic in Lublin, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice and the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Centre for the Arts in Białystok named after Stanisław Moniuszko, Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin and the Opole Philharmonic.

Fig. PGE Group’s patronage of philharmonics across the country 

  • National Philharmonic  in Warsaw
  • Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic in Gdansk
  • Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz
  • Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Oskar Kolberg Philharmonic in Kielce
  • Henryk Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra in Lublin
  • Artur Malawski Philharmonic Orchestra of Podkarpacie in Rzeszów
  • Symphonic Orchestra of Toruń
  • Witold Lutosławski National Forum of Music in Wrocław
  • Józef Elsner Philharmonic Orchestra of Opole
  • Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Orchestra in Szczecin
  • Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Kraków
  • Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok
  • T. Baird Philharmonic in Zielona Góra
  • Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice
  • Dolnośląska Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra

In 2022, PGE implemented the campaign 'We invite everyone to be’, which encourages and inspires people to participate in and enjoy culture. The campaign is also an expression of PGE’s approach to cultural patronage – the Group wants to participate in an active and engaging way.

PGE supported new cultural institutions, such as the National Museum in Lublin, where patronage was extended to the entire museum, and the National Museum in Kraków. In Kraków, PGE became a patron of the Gallery of the 20th and 21st centuries. Thanks to PGE’s support, an exhibition of works by Tamara Łempicka was also organised.

In 2022, PGE continued its cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw as Patron of the 19th Century Art Gallery. In addition, it supported the Museum’s 160th anniversary celebrations as a Jubilee Partner.

The support of the jubilee resulted in a number of outstanding exhibitions of works by Chagall or Witkacy and the organisation of the exhibition: „Solstice. Painting of the North 1880-1910”.

As a patron of the New Crown Treasury at Wawel Castle, PGE supported one of the most important permanent exhibitions of 2022 presenting the most valuable Polish historical memorabilia. PGE is also a patron of the Wawel Royal Castle’s education and social projects.

Proud of History

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna supports initiatives related to the cultivation of historical memory. For many years, PGE has cooperated with the Warsaw Rising Museum, developing the cooperation with new elements every year, such as educational activities and supporting the project to expand the audio guides with new language versions. In 2022, thanks to PGE’s support, valuable archival materials were purchased to enrich the collection of the MPW.

As it does every year, PGE joined in the commemoration of the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising by organising a ceremony entitled „Power Sector in the Uprising” in tribute to the power engineers of the Warsaw Power Station in Powiśle.

In 2022, PGE established cooperation with the Museum of Polish Children – victims of totalitarianism, becoming its patron. The museum aims to commemorate the youngest victims of 20th century totalitarian regimes: children murdered, imprisoned or displaced as a result of the criminal policies of the German Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

As part of the collaboration, a historical debate was held at the museum entitled „The German concentration camp for Polish children at Przemysłowa Street in Łódź”. The aim of the debate was to disseminate knowledge about the tragic fate of the children imprisoned in the camp at Przemysłowa Street and its branch in Dzierżązna near Zgierz.

With the help of PGE, the museum organised an exhibition entitled „An unusual Polish family. The fate of Gertruda Nowak – a child from the camp at Przemysłowa”. The exhibition, based on unique archival material, was presented at the Polish Parliament.

Sports sponsorship

Since 2015, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna has been the title partner of the Kazimierz Górski PGE Narodowy stadium, which hosts the biggest sporting, cultural and business events. In 2022, the sponsorship venue celebrated its 10th anniversary.

  • Stal Mielec (PKO BP Ekstraklasa, men’s soccer),
  • Spójnia Stargard (Energa Basket Liga, basketball) and
  • Skra Bełchatów (Plus Liga, men’s volleyball).

Within the scope of signed agreements for titular sponsoring, these teams participate in matches under names containing the PGE brand – PGE FKS Stal Mielec and PGE Spójnia Stargard, similarly to one of the best volleyball teams in Poland – PGE Skra Bełchatów, with which PGE has cooperated since 2009.

Within the framework of the MOCna Liga PGE sponsorship program, cooperation has also been established with the Developres Rzeszów volleyball club, the current Polish Vice-Champion team in women’s volleyball, in 2022.

The PGE brand was also promoted in 2022 on the basketball courts of the Suzuki 1 Men’s League.

The PGE Turów Zgorzelec team, supported by PGE since the 2021/2022 season, plays in this class of competition. PGE also established cooperation with Stalowa Wola, becoming the strategic sponsor of the club participating in the third division football competition, and the Main Sponsor of the club Hutnik Kraków participating in the second division men’s volleyball competition. In 2022, PGE supported the Chełm Sports Club, whose competing teams include Chełmianka Chełm (football division III) and Arka Chełm (volleyball division II).

The brand of the largest energy company in Poland for the seventh time accompanied speedway riders competing in the best speedway league in the world – PGE Ekstralia.

In the 2022 season, pro-environmental CSR actions (EKO PGE Ekstraliga) were continued as part of the cooperation with the organiser of these competitions, as well as image actions in social media or a video showing the ecological aspects of the sport. All these activities were collected on a special subdomain:

All clubs participating in the competition have joined the program. The EKO PGE Ekstraliga logo can be found in match programs and on the buses of every PGE Ekstraliga rider. The EKO PGE Ekstraliga activities also include the PZM program implemented by individual clubs: „I care about the environment”, one of the pillars of which is the environmental education of children and young people, including members of speedway and mini speedway schools.


In 2022, PGE continued its cooperation with the Polish Esport League (PLE) as title sponsor of the competition under the name: „PGE Master Division of the Polish Esport League”. A new 3-year contract was concluded, which sets new standards in the area of sponsoring professional e-sports competitions.

In July 2022, the Polish Esport League, with the support of PGE, organised the second edition of a special e-sports event – the PGE Super Cup of the Polish Esport League on the city beach in Gdynia. During the event, a virtual regatta was also organised together with the Polish Sailing Association. The event exemplified the synergy between the worlds of sport and e-sport. The e-sports tournament attracted hundreds of people both on site and in front of screens – broadcasts were conducted on the Internet.

PGE and PLE have jointly worked out the principles of the Centralisation of Sponsorship Rights (CPS). The CPS is an agreement that introduced innovative solutions in Polish e-sports and allowed for the regulation of the relationship between the Polish Esports League and the organisations playing in it. It represents a further step on the road to professionalising the players’ competition and gaining stable sources of income for them.

Support for the e-sports section of PGE Turow Zgorzelec also continued in 2022.

Individual sponsorship

PGE has continued its partnership with Zofia Klepacka, Poland’s top windsurfer, in 2022. The athlete has switched to iQFoil and hopes to win another Olympic medal in 2024.

PGE also supports Piotr Kosewicz, a disabled athlete specialising in discus throw. Piotr Kosewicz is a world vice-champion, two-time European champion and gold medallist at the Paralympic Games. With the support of PGE, he is preparing for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

In 2022, PGE signed a sponsorship agreement for Xavier Masiuk, who was a bronze medallist at the World Championships in Budapest in the 50m backstroke. The swimmer records outstanding achievements at major international events among juniors. Ksawery Masiuk was awarded the Eugeniusz Pietrasik Olympic Hope Award in January 2023.

Power of wind and water

In 2022, PGE developed sponsorship projects with the Polish Sailing Association, the Polish Canoe Association and the Polish Swimming Association that support initiatives related to renewable energy (wind and water) and pro-environmental attitudes.

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna supported several important areas of the Polish Sailing Association’s activities in 2022.

The first area was the support of the Polish Sailing Association’s national team, from among whom a group of PGE Sailing Team Poland Ambassadors was selected. The Ambassadors represented Poland at regattas all over the world, winning medals in world and European championships and in World Cup regattas, but also got involved in the promotion of offshore wind energy and PGE Group’s investments in this sector.

The second area of cooperation between PGE and the Polish Sailing Association was the support of the PolSailing National Sailing Education Program. This is Poland’s largest comprehensive program to support and popularise sailing, carried out by the Polish Sailing Association in cooperation with district sailing associations and sports clubs, and with funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

The core of the sailing education program is not only teaching the basics of sailing, but also imparting knowledge and skills on the principles of water safety, healthy lifestyles and responsible attitudes towards the environment. The third area of cooperation was the development of eSailing.

As part of PGE’s cooperation with the Polish Esport League and the Polish Sailing Association, the Association organised a series of virtual PGE eSailing 2022 regattas. The fourth area of cooperation in 2022 was support for Gdynia Sailing Days. This is an annual sailing festival, one of the largest and most important regatta events in the Baltic Sea.

The event has a 23-year tradition and each year between 600 and 1,000 sailors and sailors from all over the world participate. The GSD is the full spectrum of regatta sailing, a festival open to the public and fans, which perfectly popularises sailing in Poland.

In November 2022, PGE established cooperation with the Polish Swimming Federation. The cooperation includes, among others, the sponsorship of the national team competing in the world championships, European championships and other international events, as well as support for the most important events in Poland organised by the Polish Swimming Federation.

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna has also become the main sponsor of the Polish Kayak Federation. In particular, the cooperation covers events of such rank as the World Championships, European Championships and World Cups with the participation of the National Team – the Polish National Team.

The agreement also provides for support of all canoeing sports and activities affiliated with the Polish Kayak Association. A very important area of cooperation between PGE and Polish Kayak Association is the popularisation of tourist and amateur kayaking in Poland. In 2022, the white and red kayakers won 136 medals on the international stage, with as many as 56 of them won at championship-level events.

Supporting the sports passions of children and young people 

PGE’s aim is to support the sporting development of children and youth. This is realised by sponsoring children’s sports clubs, mainly in regions where PGE does business.

In 2022, PGE supported 22 amateur clubs in various disciplines as part of the PGE Junior project.

Fig. Children’s and youth teams supported by PGE in 2022. 

  • PGE Młode Perły Lublin (girls’ football)
  • Akademia Avii Świdnik (football)
  • Akademia GKS Bełchatów (football)
  • Akademia Widzewa tódz (football)
  • Akademia Piłkarska Stal Stalowa Wola (football)
  • GKS Glinik Gorlice (football)
  • Akademia Piłki Nożnej Łomża (football)
  • FC Lesznowola (football)
  • Miejski Klub Sportowy Granica Bogatynia (football)
  • Akademia Piłkarska Broni Radom (football)
  • Miejski Klub Sportowy Mazur Ełk (football)
  • Miejski Klub Sportowy Polonia Przemyśl (football)
  • Akademia Wilfredo Leona (volleyball)
  • Hugonacademy Szczecin (squash)
  • Miejski Klub Sportowy Lublin (girls’ handball),
  • PGE Klub Piłki Ręcznej Gryfino (handball)
  • ABRM Warszawa (badminton)
  • Akademia Judo Poznań (judo)
  • Trójmiejski Klub Łyżwiarski Ice Paradise (ice skating)
  • Stowarzyszenie Kultury Fizycznej Iceskater Gdansk (ice skating)
  • AK Młode Żubry Białystok (basketball)
  • AK Turów Zgorzelec (basketball)
  • PGE Spójnia Stargard – youth teams
  • PGE Skra Bełchatów – youth teams
  • PGE FKS Stal Mielec – youth teams

The support of young athletes continues to be an important element of the sponsorship agreements concluded with PGE Spójnia Stargard (basketball), PGE Stal Mielec (football) and PGE Skra Bełchatów (volleyball).

In 2022, PGE started cooperation with the Poznań Judo Academy Sports Club, which trains around 1,000 athletes from the age of 3 and is a participant in national and international competitions of the European Cup and Grand Prix ranks. In winter 2022, PGE supported the activities of two academies training children and young people in synchronised skating: The Iceskater Physical Culture Association and the Tri-City Ice Paradise Skating Club.

The main aim of the support is to develop and promote this discipline at both amateur and competitive levels. Another academy that PGE has supported is the PGE Hugonacademy – a young squash academy that aspires to be one of the largest centres for this discipline in the country.

In just two years since the academy was founded, the young students have won 6 medals in the Polish Championships, 5 medals in international competitions, including a bronze medal in the European Championships. In 2022 PGE also became a sponsor of youth football teams of the following clubs: MKS Mazur Ełk, MKS Granica Bogatynia, Akademia Piłkarska Broni Radom and MKS Polonia Przemyśl.

In total, more than 4,000 adepts trained in PGE-supported children’s and youth groups in 2022.

PGE Junior tournament at PGE Narodowy

For the second time, twelve junior football teams sponsored by PGE competed at the PGE Junior Tournament on September 24, 2022. The event took place during the Festival of Football at PGE National Stadium, called the home of the Polish national football team.

Players from the following clubs met on the pitch: GKS Bełchatów, APN Łomża, PGE FKS Stal Mielec, FC Lesznowola, AP Stal Stalowa Wola, Widzew Łódź, Avia Świdnik, GKS Glinik Gorlice, PGE Młode Perły Lublin, Broń Radom, Granica Bogatynia, Mazur Ełk.

After the struggles on the pitch, the decoration took place. Commemorative medals and gifts were presented to the young players by former Polish football representatives Adam Matysek and Radosław Gilewicz.

PGE The Greatest PhysEd Lesson

An exceptional event which has been supported by PGE for several years now is the „PGE The Greatest PhysEd Lesson.” The project is addressed to primary school pupils from all over Poland. The idea behind the event, which is organised by the Akademia Sportu Artur Siódmiak Association, is to give children and young people from all over the country the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary sports competition.

The long-term goal – to encourage the youngest to participate regularly in school PE classes and to improve their general fitness, to become interested in practising sports and being physically active. In 2022, a total of more than 1,000 participants took part in the „PGE The Greatest PhysEd Lesson”.

The students were divided into a dozen or so groups, training in the form of station circuits, thanks to which everyone could try their hand at many competitions and prove themselves in various tasks. The proper course of the training was supervised by coaches and volunteers led by Artur Siódmiak, a former Polish handball representative.

A novelty in 2022 was PGE’s involvement in a series of events called 'School PE Lessons’, which preceded the 'PGE The Greatest PhysEd Lesson’. A total of six lessons were held in October and November, and Artur Siódmiak and a group of coaches visited Olsztyn, Ełk, Lublin, Ustka, Zgierz and Bełchatów.

Support for the development of skating

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna has been supporting skating, both professional and amateur, for many years, being the largest partner of the sport in Poland.

In 2022, 14 sporting events were held as part of PGE’s cooperation with the Polish Figure Skating Federation, and the PGE logo accompanied the national skating team at 10 national and 29 international competitions co-organised by the PZŁF.

As part of the popularisation of skating, continuously since 2018, together with the Polish Figure Skating Association, PGE has been implementing the „Come on Skates” project. In 2022 alone, the project organised 9 open days in, among others: Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice, Dębica, Łódź and Lublin.

During each of these events, participants, under the guidance of professional coaches from local clubs, had the opportunity to take their first steps on skates. In addition to the open days, weekly classes were and are held in as many as 16 cities in Poland.

Since 2022, as part of the PGE Junior program, PGE has been developing cooperation with synchronised skating clubs such as Ice Skater, Ice Paradise and MKS Le Soleil. It is an extremely spectacular skating discipline and our aim is to popularise it among winter activity lovers.

In December 2022, the clubs will perform at the Polish Synchronised Skating Championships in Toruń.

In 2022, PGE continued its cooperation with the Polish Speed Skating Association as the association’s main partner and partner of the National Team. In addition, thanks to PGE’s support, in 2022 the Polish Speed Skating Association organised more than a dozen national as well as international events, including the highly popular World Junior Short Track Championships and the World Cup competition and the World Cup Speed Skating Final organised in Tomaszów Lubelski.

In the 2021/2022 season, the PGE National Winter Tour project was implemented. This most recognisable winter tour of Polish ice rinks hosted 400,000 people in 10 cities. The project is an opportunity to get to know ice skating not only for the youngest, but also for adults who have had no contact with the sport so far. Winter attractions include „Mornings for Children with PGE”, during which skating classes for the youngest are held. All classes are conducted under the guidance of professional trainers.

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