33.3 Planned capital injection for PGE S.A. by way of share issue

On January 18, 2022, the Management Board of PGE S.A. adopted a resolution to initiate a capital injection process for the Company in connection with planned investment projects in the area of renewable energy, decarbonisation and distribution.

The proceeds from the share issue, approx. PLN 3.2 billion, are intended to support PGE Group’s investments across three areas:

  • development of renewable energy sources,
  • decarbonisation via development of low-carbon sources,
  • development of the distribution segment.

On April 5, 2022, an investment agreement was concluded between PGE S.A. and the State Treasury concerning the acquisition by the State Treasury of shares issued as a result of the share capital increase. Under the terms of the agreement, the proceeds from the share issue may only be used for investment in the three areas described above. The way in which the issue proceeds are spent will be subject to detailed reporting and audit. Spending in contravention of the provisions of the investment agreement may result in fines or even the necessity to repay the funds. Which in turn may result in the share capital having to be reduced by the amount to be repaid.

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