Financial receivables

Financial receivables, including trade receivables, are measured at fair value at inception and subsequently at amortised cost using the effective interest rate including allowance for expected credit losses.

The Group uses simplified methods for the valuation of receivables measured at amortised cost if this does not distort the information contained in the statement of financial position, in particular if the period until repayment of the receivables is not long.

For financial receivables, the Group measures the allowance for expected credit losses at an amount equal to the expected credit losses over the life of the instrument.

The Group measures financial assets at amortised cost in accordance with its business model. This model assumes that a financial asset is held to produce contractual cash flows.

 (in PLNm) At December 31, 2022 At December 31, 2021
Non-current Current Non-current Current
Trade receivables 6.517 4.209
Deposits and loans 214 194
Loans granted 77
Receivables from recognised compensation 671
Support system for high-efficiency cogeneration 41
Deposits, security and collateral 7 1.579 5 3.348
Damages and penalties 192 17
Other financial receivables 2 83 5 76
FINANCIAL RECEIVABLES 223 9.083 204 7.727

Deposits, deposits and collateral mainly relate to security and transaction deposits and the guarantee fund in electricity and EUA trading.

Trade receivables

The main component of trade receivables are receivables recognised by the company PGE Obrót S.A. Receivables from households account for about 17% of the consolidated balance of trade receivables, while receivables from the corporate clients of PGE Obrót S.A. represent about 40% of the consolidated balance of trade receivables. Additional information relating to trade receivables is presented in note 26.3.1 of these financial statements.

In trade receivables, the Group also presents receivables from the re-assessment of electricity sales.

Other financial receivables

The value of other financial receivables consists mainly of the guarantee fund, compensation for damages and disputed receivables described in note 28.4 of these consolidated financial statements.

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