20.3 Hedging reserve

(in PLNm) Year ended
December 31, 2022
Year ended
December 31, 2021
AS AT JANUARY 1 609 (13)
Change in hedging reserve: (791) 768
Valuation of hedging instruments, including: (788) 756
Recognition of the effective part of change in fair value of hedging instruments in the part considered as effective hedge (728) 762
Accrued interest on derivative transferred from valuation reserve and included in interest expense (45) (8)
Currency revaluation of CCIRS transactions transferred from capital and recognised in foreign exchange result (13) 2
Ineffective portion of changes in fair value of hedging derivatives recognised in profit or loss (2)
Valuation of other financial assets (3) 12
Deferred tax 150 (146)
AS AT DECEMBER 31 (32) 609

The hedging reserve mainly includes the valuation of cash flow hedges.

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